Walkthrough True Crime: Streets of LA


Episode I: Triad Violence

Mission 1: Shooting Practice

After a short story about Los Angeles and the main character of the game, you will find yourself in a cop shooting range. Hole through 10 targets and you can move on to the next mission. If it didn’t work out, it doesn’t matter, the game itself will offer to scroll through the script or replay it, if desired. Your “boss” will appear, a fat African-American aunt who will offer a new job in the police special squad.

Mission 2: Rushing to E.O.D.

Get into the car and follow the green marker on the radar. Keep in mind that they don’t stand on ceremony with sleeping drivers here, so other road users will easily start ramming and shoving you, trying to drive where you need to. Upon arrival at the place, the chief will introduce you to a new partner (or rather, a partner, who, as usual, will begin to twist her eyebrows and begin to show her claws), and will issue a new task.

Mission 3: Driving for Chow

You need to drive up to the restaurant, where you can talk with your partner. Along the way, police requests will be heard on the radio, so you can drive up (usually everything happens almost next to the car, other calls do not reach you) to the place of the next gang showdown and prevent some kind of anti-social crime. Then go to the restaurant.

Mission 4: Triad Muscle

Your sweet conversation will be brazenly interrupted by some bully who will demand a bribe from the owner of the restaurant. Nick deftly throws and sticks a Chinese stick right in his ear, and then you start to fight him. The task is simple – kick the triad until he finally falls down, crushing and destroying all the furniture around for heightened effect. After the defeat, the villain will quickly wash off, and Nick will let out another sour joke, this time about his ear.

Mission 5: Finale: Rosie Trouble

Leaving the restaurant, the triad will not even think of running off somewhere, he will take Rosie hostage, and then just start firing. It is necessary to stop him, while remembering that hits in the arms and legs are considered correct shots, and hits in the head are considered incorrect. That is, in the first case, you increase the rating of a “good” cop, and in the second, you earn a “bad” one. In general, shoot to victory at a gangster, hiding behind cars and using slides, and where exactly – decide for yourself.

Mission X: Crime Patrol.

Bonus mission. The task is to prevent 4 crimes while cruising around the city. Catch thieves, arrest drug dealers, shoot criminals, since you won’t have to look for violators for a long time.

Episode II: Mean Streets

Mission 1: Cruising for Leads

After talking with the boss (fortunately, the bullet did not hurt Rosie much), get into the car and drive to the indicated address. Along the way, you can prevent a couple of crimes, stuff three illegal asses and handcuff someone’s illegal hands. Upon arrival, enter the building with signs in Chinese.

Mission 2: Dojo Attacker

On the tatami you are attacked by some jerk in a white kimono. Show him what real kung fu is. Suddenly it turns out that he is not even your enemy at all. However, it’s nice to chat heart to heart, as always, there is no time, since a new challenge has already arrived.

Mission 3: Red Latern Rush

Here you need to get to the bar in just a minute, so it is recommended to determine a faster route. Time is just running out, and if you don’t particularly break the rules, you might not be in time.

Mission 4: Bar Brawl

Fight with Feng. This time, swinging the arms and legs will be a little more difficult, because the enemy has a knife. It is better to block the first few hits, and then respond with combos.

Mission 4:(Alt) The Arsonist

Alternative mission, you can pass at will. The chase is like a chase. You can drive the enemy’s car into a corner, wait until he decides to give up and arrest him, or shoot him from the window of his own car. Choose what you like best.

Mission 5: Chasing Triad Thug

From the bar, which is on fire, some smart guy jumps out to you, jumps into the car and rushes away. Catch up and explain impudently that it is not good to do this.

Mission 6: Driving to Jimmy’s

I have to go to the Dynasty Imports warehouse on Temple St. It’s quite far, but now there’s no need to rush anywhere, so choose any route, as usual, warming up on criminals along the way.

Mission 7: Sneaking In

Stealth mission. The task is to quietly get from point “A” to point “B”. Quickly press against the wall in front, the first guard will appear on the right. There are two ways to knock it out (it will affect the good/bad rating accordingly). You also have tranquilizers that instantly knock out the victim. Unfortunately, there are only three of them. After dealing with the first bandit, fill up the second one in the adjacent alley, then the third one at the dragon statue, then another one next to the statues of ancient warriors, and the last one will pop up next to the green mark, which means the end of the mission.

Mission 8: Jimmy’s Ambush

Jimmy ordered his thugs to take you out, shoot them all, although it’s not so easy. The first-aid kit will be waiting for you on a pole, and the gangsters will start jumping out in packs from behind the boxes, shooting from balconies (right and left, then in the center). Constantly pick up new machine guns that remain in place of rapidly evaporating corpses, with them it turns out to deal with the arrows faster and easier.

Mission 9: Finale: Sniper Assassin

As soon as you finally decide to talk to Jimmy Fu, how will the sniper interfere with you. Hide against the wall next to the windows and shoot him while he reloads his fart or changes location. Unfortunately, a couple of good hits on his head with a stocking won’t be enough, so it’ll take a little longer than expected to tinker with him. Finally, before the next episode, you will be offered to drive around the city a little more and clean up a certain number of crimes, depending on the percentage of tasks completed.

Episode III: International Ties

Mission 1: Off to Chong’s

Jimmy is behind bars, and Nick is sent on a new mission. Drive to the new checkpoint where you will start following Chong. In the meantime, you will be shown a conversation in the police department, where the old fat man will tell Nick’s partner about his difficult fate: the death of his mother and the sudden disappearance of his father, by the way, the best policeman in the city, who was involved in a drug trafficking scandal.

Mission 2: Tailing Chong’s Limo

We just need to track down Chong’s limousine. The main thing is not to get too close, but also not to let him go too far, otherwise you will simply lose. If you choose the wrong distance, you will first receive three “Chinese” warnings, and you will have to replay the mission again.

Mission 3: A Stakeout Gone Bad

Now the roles have changed, you run away, they catch up. You are bad and they are good. You can, of course, deal with some of the attackers in your own way, but the main thing is to quickly and further away (see the map) to get away from the angry criminal elements.

Mission 4: Driving to Spa

It seems that the triads and the Russian mafia are connected, it’s worth checking it out. Visit the Russian baths, the cursor on the mini-map will show you the way.

Mission 5: Spa Infiltration

Another “sneaking” mission. First, quietly remove one guard at the lockers, then a fat Russian, then quietly follow the waitress in a bikini and with a tray, along the way clicking mafiosi crawling out of the door on the left, wrapped in towels. Finally, knock out another guard at the stove and rush to the green triangle. You can deal with the resting gangsters to increase your rating, if desired.

Mission 5: (Alt) Russkie Trouble

An alternative mission in which you need to fill up four Russian mercenaries, that’s all.

Mission 6: Shower Room Antics

Here you need to hand-to-hand nail four Russian mafiosi to the floor. Not as easy as it seems. Three fat and hairy “grandfathers” in towels are kissing for a few successful combinations, but the last one – a bald, tattooed guy in swimming trunks – will make you a little tense.

Mission 7: Finale: The Accomplice

Shoot all the Russian mafia near the pool. The bandits, like a restless herd of cockroaches, will begin to run out of all four corners in turn, so do not stand still, but rather cut circles, clearing each “hole” in turn. For a snack, as usual, a “free” mission is offered, in which you need to chalk up the solution of several crimes.

Episode IV: Russian Face-Off

Mission 1: Strip Club Detour.

Your fame runs ahead of you, so an FBI agent was sent to the station. Drive to the strip club on Hollywood Boulevard and enter the door directly under the red neon woman.

Mission 2: Cat Fight.

First you get a private striptease dance, and then… an unexpected kick in the groin, and you will be forced to fight with the strippers, crumbling them with your bare hands. I must say, the fighters from girls in bikinis turned out to be pretty good, although at first it’s somehow reluctant to beat the ladies. In total, you need to beat five strippers and one more bandit for a snack. The last one, the bearded hippie in jeans, will be the easiest to take down, he never managed to land a single blow on me. One of the defeated girls will tell you that she is just a driver for a certain Lola. Well, now we know who to look for.

Mission 3: Cruising for Lola

It’s time to meet the mysterious Lola. Drive to Santa Monica Boulevard and stop by The Spot. Nick will introduce himself as a new driver, and the lady will immediately want to make a dashing trip.

Mission 3:(Alt) Lola Rush

You only have 1:29, which isn’t very long to get to your destination and meet Lola.

Mission 4: The Driving Test

Twenty-five again. If in a minute and a half, and in a damn slow mini-van, you do not get to your destination, then your song is sung. Check the map more often, it is better to stray less along the small streets, and rush straight through the central ones, right to La Cenega Boulevard.

Mission 5: Police Getaway

Are you tired of these races yet? The writers think otherwise, so please receive and sign. True, this time you have to run away, but not from anyone – from the cops. However, you can not run anywhere, but simply shoot and blow up a police car, then drive away from the wreckage for a couple of tens of meters.

Mission 6: Busting Lola

Lola overheard your phone conversation and a fight ensued. Fill her with her painted face (perhaps this is the strongest opponent of all that have come across so far) and watch the video. Nick will begin to snap the handcuffs on the troublemaker’s wrists, but a well-aimed sniper’s bullet will interfere with him, leaving a completely inappropriate stain on the girl’s white shirt.

Mission 7: Finale: Sniper Redux

Quickly jump to the fence and, hiding behind it, shoot at the sniper who has settled in the house across the road. He will wander all over the floor, so you will have to shoot him a lot and often. If you’re lucky, then slam him a little earlier than he did you. If this time you had punctures, then be kind enough to ride around the city again, preventing crimes and catching robbers from the main road.

Episode V: High-Rise Terror

Mission 1: The Airport Lead

We are going to the airport, quietly, without noise and dust. Enjoying the views and not bothering anyone. What happiness it is – not to rush anywhere in the allotted seconds and just turn the steering wheel, braking on red, giving way and not demolishing lampposts along with pedestrians.

Mission 2: Chasing Assassins

In the hangar, the Russians have a complete mess – there are a lot of corpses around, and people in masks are washed away from the scene of the crime in a van. Quickly jump into the car and catch up with the van. Shoot all the killers, and then blow up the car itself. Nick will discover that the mercenaries are Asians, but they do not seem to belong to the triads. Then who are they really?

Mission 3: A Race Downtown

Racing again. In a couple of minutes you need to get to the city center, or it will be like last time, remember?

Mission 4: Bank Standoff

Here you need to get to the entrance to the bank, turning the enemy fighters into a sieve along the way. There will be many of them, and the latter will begin to hide behind a hostage. Try to neutralize the bandit without damaging the hostage. However, who cares if you fail to save the life of the unfortunate person – these are his problems, an unfortunate misunderstanding will only affect your rating and nothing else.

Mission 5:(Alt) Going Up

Grab your cannon and run down the winding corridor, shooting the mercenaries in black masks. There will be about a dozen of them, then take the first aid kit and go up the stairs. Clear the second and third floors in the same way (there will be a first-aid kit after each), then go to the flickering green triangle.

Mission 7: Finale: Bad Politics

So you met with the villain named “General”. He deserved this nickname not in vain, because he really is a military man, from distant North Korea. And he earned money solely for the benefit of his beloved, but temporarily starving homeland, and not to put it in his pocket. Soak General Kim on the skyscraper helipad, and that’s it. Watch the final video and that’s it, the game is over!