What is live selling and why is it the strategy your ecommerce needs?

The growth of online sales in Mexico does not stop. However, this good news has a B-side: the increasing difficulty for brands to differentiate themselves in the sea of ​​products, promotions and platforms . How to overcome it? The answer for your business could be in live selling , a super effective strategy to make the digital marketing efforts of SMEs profitable.

What is needed? Not too many resources, but creativity and empathy with the client’s needs and aspirations . What is it about? From a live experience through a social network that allows you to connect with potential customers through relevant and entertaining content for the needs of a specific audience. Thus, you gain their trust and provoke their purchase decision.

For customers this means they can ask live questions about a product’s features, watch a demo, exchange feedback with other users and get all their questions answered. In addition to no longer having to read the descriptions of an item or the comments of other consumers in detail.

Let’s look at some other advantages for brands of live broadcasts:

  • They have an organic reach six times higher than other types of social media posts.
  • They can bring a unique level of authenticity to your brand , since people like to buy from other people they know.
  • They build evidence of social proof in an almost natural way , since during the transmission the followers comment, share and give “Likes” without having to ask them.
  • They create a sense of urgency for the purchase by seeing that other people decide to do it in the moment.
  • They build community and loyalty .

How to start?

If you already have an online store or if you sell through a marketplace , don’t wait any longer to incorporate this strategy! You can take the first step with live broadcasts through Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. For it to work, it is important to previously have a community of followers in tune with the profile of your ideal client so that you do not end up sharing that information only with friends or acquaintances or with too small an audience.

Although they are not yet available in Mexico, you should also consider for the medium term live selling features such as those of Facebook and Instagram, which allow you to tag products and share direct links to an online store during the broadcast. This way you will go from a promotion strategy to a more direct sales strategy.

Of course, it is very important that all these promotion and sales efforts can be supported by business administration systems that allow ecommerce to be connected with an inventory management module. In this way you will avoid selling products that are out of stock or having problems with late deliveries.

Some advices

Finally, we share some practical tips for your first transmission:

  • Promote the live stream before and after the broadcast to build buzz and increase your reach. You can do it through posts and announcements on social networks, email marketing shipments and broadcast lists by WhatsApp.
  • Make it participatory . Constantly ask attendees what their favorite products are, what experiences they had with them, what new features or functions they would like to see on them, and if they are expecting any promotions.
  • Make a raffle or special gift . This is a good strategy to attract a larger audience and give the event a sense of exclusivity.