What is Randonautica and what does it consist of?

Sometimes the Internet is shaken by the arrival of curious and somewhat strange applications such as Simsimi or even terrifying challenges such as making calls to Momo . Today, however, in The Power of the Green Android we are going to talk about an app called Randonautica that we are sure will not leave you indifferent since it is so original and strange that it can be very disturbing .

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What does Randonautica mean in Spanish?

Randonautica is a compound name that comes from the following combination of words:

  1. Random: What does “Random” mean?
  2. Nautical: What does “Navegar” or in this case “Navigator” mean.

So it could be translated into Spanish as random navigation .

What is Randonautica and what does it consist of?

Having reached this point, you can more or less get an idea of ​​what the application is about, and that is that basically Randonautica is an application for urban or rural exploration of random coordinates . So far so good, the fact is that this application has deeper connotations than could be seen with the naked eye, why? Because although it sounds strange, it is scientifically proven that consciousness influences randomness . In fact, there are numerous studies that allude to a strange variation in numerical randomness when positive or negative events occur . And it could be said that the mind directly influences realityand this is embodied in a random alteration of numerical sequences.

Drossrotzank Video From Randonaut 2022

For you to have more information, here is a disturbing video of Dross in which he talks about the Randonautica application .

And this is precisely the premise of the Randonautica application, giving us a totally random location while the app generates random numbers and we think that it will send us to a positive or gloomy place . Following our thoughts, the application will transform these random numbers into totally random coordinates with respect to our position.

Randonautica Opinions

At this point, we can think that the operation of this app is still curious or that it may have no foundation. That’s why the first thing I did was take a look at the app’s comments and that’s where I realized one thing, Randonautica IS NOT A GAME .

List Of Curious Videos Of Randonautica 2022

Without a doubt, Randonautica is going viral on social networks like Tik Tok and YouTube, where lots of influencers are taking advantage of this trend to bring content about curious, strange and even terrifying experiences of this app under the hashtag #randonautchallenge . Below we leave you a list with the best strange videos of Randonautica 2022 .

3 Young People Find A Strange Suitcase And This Happens

Using the application, 3 young people took them to a port where they found a suitcase with a strange smell and this happened . Everything was uploaded to the Tik Tok social network .

It takes them to a place in the middle of nowhere and they met someone

On this occasion we see a group of young people who use the application to go to some coordinates to an inhospitable place provided by Randonautica and they will meet a lonely person in the middle of nowhere who was running towards his car .

Best Randonauts YouTube Videos 2022

Next I will leave you a compilation of YouTube videos with the most curious cases of this app.

Is It A Safe Application?

The application is safe, it does not contain anything strange, it does not have viruses or anything like that, the problem is to use it with common sense since the coordinates that are sent to us are completely random, so the responsibility for the proper use of the app will fall on us. To do this, before starting our exploration, Randonautica gives us a series of tips that translated into Spanish say the following:

  • Randonaut with a positive mindset !
  • Bring a garbage bag to help the environment.
  • If you wouldn’t normally venture alone, go with a friend or a group.
  • Randomization is best done as a daytime activity .
  • There is always a “Randonaut” with a charged phone .
  • Use situational awareness.
  • Be respectful of property owners . Never enter the property.
  • Do not enter dangerous areas .

Download Randonautica 2022

We can download the application in their respective application stores for free:

  • Android
  • iOS

How To Use Randonautica In Spanish 2022

Currently Randonauica in Spanish is not available but luckily the application will allow us to use a Telegram Bot that is partially translated into Spanish , also from El Poder Del Androide Verde we will teach you how to use this strange app in our language . Once we have opened it we will have 2 possibilities to use the application:

  1. Randonaut: Use the app to start an exploration.
  2. Bot: Use the app through a Telegram bot to start the exploration (it is faster, easier and partially translated into Spanish).

I have used the Bot to start my exploration.

Now we enter the welcome screen where we will see some tips for the proper use of the application. We will go down to the left and click on the globe icon to start our Randonaut .

What do Anomaly, Attractor and Void Mean in Randonautica? 2022

In this part we will see 3 very interesting sections:

  1. Anomaly: It is an extreme high-energy version of a vacuum or an attractor .
  2. Attractor: Coordinates with a large concentration of high-energy fucking quantum .
  3. Vacuum: Low energy quantum dots .

In my case I have selected “Anomaly” .

In the next section we can put the number of coordinates that we want to have (1, 2, 5, 10).

In the next section we must choose the option “ANU” , these are the initials of the Australian N ational University and it is the University to which the app will connect its servers to generate random numbers . Do not forget to keep a thought of what you would like to see: whether it is good, strange, comforting, beautiful… Remember that according to this theory, your thought directly influences reality and the coordinates provided .

Finally we can obtain the coordinates by:

  1. Google Maps.
  2. Google Street View.
  1. It will take you to a point on the map.
  2. You can click on “How to Get There” to connect you with Google Maps and start the randonautica exploration .

I have used Randonautica and this happened to me 2022

I have used the Randonautica application thinking about being sent to a strange place and it has sent me to this creepy location .

  1. This is my location.
  2. The random coordinates of Randonautica .
  3. Place in Google Street View that the app sends me to.

Randonautica sends me to a strange place in the middle of nowhere.

Here we can see it a little closer.

It is real ?

Randonautica is still a very curious application that is not without “half truths” , since quantum thinking is something that scientists cannot explain today since it is scientifically proven that in the result of a experiment directly influences consciousness . And if you don’t believe me, take a look at this YouTube video to see the Double Slit experiment, a real experiment that currently has no explanation.

However, going back to Randonautica , I sincerely believe that when we go to a place suggested, believing that we will find something or stumble upon something strange, our mind is more receptive to looking for patterns and observing more information and filtering only what interests us. . So Randonautica is still a very interesting social experiment .

Have you used Randonautica and come across something strange? , you can leave me your impressions below in the comment box. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family, 🙏 please, that would help me to continue developing more works like this. Thank you!