What is the cause of inner turmoil?

Times of uncertainty can create a lot of inner turmoil . Major upheavals in life can for many give an experience of inner turmoil, and in some cases also lead to anxiety . Restlessness in the body can also have a connection with how you feel about yourself and your life. Mild anxiety symptoms and restlessness are not uncommon, and it is certainly possible to deal with much of this on your own using simple techniques.

What is the cause of inner turmoil?

Inner turmoil can be caused by many things. It will be very individual what causes you to feel this way. For many people, security and predictability are what create harmony in life. Without this, many will find that they are not happy with their own lives.

Insecurity in everyday life can be caused by worry about the future.

This can be about the home, the job, one’s own existence, the family, major events that will happen soon, but also things that could possibly happen without one knowing for sure. In uncertain times, for example in the event of an economic downturn or in the event of an outbreak of disease such as we are experiencing in these times with the coronavirus, the future can be felt to be uncertain . This in turn can give an experience of inner turmoil.

Such uneasiness can also be due to loneliness ,  low self-esteem and poor self-confidence , which in turn can give an experience of shame . Maybe you don’t feel loved, or are in other ways characterized by bad experiences from childhood ? Or maybe you can’t find a meaning in your life right now? All of this can contribute to an experience of  inner restlessness in the body and mind .

Common symptoms of restlessness in the body

Everyone experiences inner turmoil differently, but what most have in common is worry and anxiety . Although the restlessness is in the head, it can also be felt in the body. Here are some common symptoms of both physical and mental restlessness:

  • You sleep poorly at night and often feel tired and restless
  • You experience difficulty concentrating and a feeling of not being able to do enough
  • You are not satisfied with yourself or your life, and often feel depressed
  • You often become irritable, angry and irritated, often over trifles
  • You are restless and get bored easily
  • You suffer from stomach problems, such as constipation or diarrhoea
  • You often feel nervous and anxious
  • You feel pain in your body and head, as well as muscle tension in your jaw, shoulders and neck


How to deal with inner turmoil?

Inner turmoil can be experienced as overwhelming when it is on. It’s not always easy to know how to deal with it, but there are techniques you can try on your own.

  • Get involved in  something that means something to you
  • Grab the chances that come your way and try to take things as they come
  • Make use of breathing techniques and exercises
  • Make a diary to chart your feelings, so that you get a better overview of the issues
  • Emphasize creating good and healthy relationships in life
  • Take care of your body through exercise and healthy food
  • Try to turn your thinking pattern around, find alternative ways of thinking
  • Be patient with yourself, but be consistent
  • Meditation

These techniques can help you cope with the restlessness you feel in your body and mind.

Sometimes it can still feel challenging to find a way out of anxiety and restlessness on your own, and you can benefit from professional help.

Seek help to cope with inner turmoil

If you feel that you cannot deal with inner turmoil well on your own, it is perfectly fine to seek help . Often your worries are perceived to be bigger than they really are, and as a rule there are solutions that can relieve both the bad thoughts and the brooding. Through therapy with an experienced and competent therapist, you can more easily get help to get rid of many of the challenging thoughts .

The therapist offers home therapy through visits to your own living room or through video calls. Get in touch today to get help with your inner turmoil.