What makes a man really attractive?

What makes a man attractive? It may be his intelligence, sense of humor, hairstyle, eye color, style of clothing, way of speaking, education, courage, or simple taste in choosing shoes … The The list of answers is practically infinite and changes according to the point of view of the person to whom the question is asked. Is there some sort of general rule that makes a person attractive? Is there a line between being seductive or repulsive? According to a study published by the Royal Society Open Science , the answer is yes. The key is in the proportion and it doesn’t depend on the face, but on the rest of the body.

The study analyzed the assessments of 800 American women ages 17 to 79 who assessed the body and face of a computer-generated case series, resulting from the fusion of the physical characteristics of 9,000 men. What makes a man more attractive are his legs. The main conclusion of this study is that the most attractive men have legs whose length is about half their size. Another detail also emerges from the research: legs that are too long or too short are the least attractive. The authors of the Imperial College London paper say this perception is based on an evolutionary judgment system because people with limbs that are too small owe it to health problems such as type II diabetes

The researchers modified the shapes of the bodies shown to gauge the women’s reactions. For example, they extended their arms, neck, hips… but none of these changes were as important as leg length. It didn’t matter, for example that the elbow was in the middle of the arm. As pointed outaccording to the scientific journal that published the data , this study was conducted with American men and women and the evaluation excluded homosexuals, which may limit the reliability of these results. However, a truth known since ancient Greece is confirmed: beauty is harmony, proportion.